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Improving Your Communication Capabilities In Today’s Tech Crazed World

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or loving mother or father, you’ll understand that being able to communicate with the outside world is absolutely pertinent. If you do not maintain open lines of communications, you’ll miss important messages from family members, colleagues and potential business partners. Within this guide, you will learn how to enhance your communicative capabilities, without spending excessively.

Improve Wi-Fi
First and foremost, you will want to consider improving your Wi-Fi signal in your home. While at home, you should definitely use emails as your primary source of communication. They’re faster, more affordable and just as easy as everything else. Remember that your router’s positioning is vital, but never neglect the potential of WIFI signal boosters. These products can improve the overall functionality and performance of your router.

Smart Phones
If you haven’t purchased a smartphone yet, it is definitely time to do so. Smart phones will deliver added functionality and will make it possible for you to communicate on the go. Even with refurbished iPhones from http://www.refurbishediphones.ie/ or if your based in the UK then the UK brand iswww.refurbishediphonesuk.co.uk and you’ll be able to chat through several methods, including text messages, phone calls and emails. Just pay close attention to your network’s data plans, so you don’t go over your monthly limits.

Communication is vital in your personal life, as well as in business settings. With Wi-Fi boosters and iPhones, you can chat seamlessly at home or anywhere in the world.

Android TV Boxes – Specific Features To Choose

If you are currently thinking about purchasing a brand new Android TV box, you should take the time to explore the features. There are a few features, which are a little more important than others. Below, you will learn about all of the features that are exceptionally important, when purchasing Android TV boxes.

Built-In Storage Space and Ports

If you’re interested in using your Android box, as a DVR, it is imperative that you have plenty of disk space. Although built-in storage might be sufficient, you should also consider purchasing a box, which offers a MicroSD card slot! This slot will increase your disk space significantly!


Also, it is vital to make sure that you know precisely how you will be able to control your box. Can you utilize an included controller or will you be able to use your smart phone? Make sure that you’ll be able to use the device, without difficulty.


When looking at the box’s RAM, you should treat it, as if you were purchasing a computer. RAM is vital and will help to determine the overall speed of your device! Suffice to say, you will be better off purchasing a box with as much RAM as possible! andoirdtvboxuk.co.uk offer several options when it comes to RAM.


At the end of the day, purchasing one of the Android TV boxes takes a little bit of patience and research! Do not rush the decision and be sure to explore the features above, before finalizing your purchase!

Why you need an Android TV Box

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I have never claimed to be the most technology savvy person around even though I am still in my 20s but I have to say I think the android TV box is a great piece of kit. As always with these things I have been pretty hesitant to pick up on this new trend that seems to be happening across the Ireland. I first heard of them when my friend offered me one for free to try out. I politely declined as I already have enough boxes around my TV including UPC, Apple TV not to mention my Wii and Playstation so the thought of another box around the TV wasn’t particularly inviting.

Eventually however I became sick of paying UPC over €50.00 per month when I don’t even watch that much TV so I rang him and told him to drop it over. Within a few hours I was hooked. All my favorite films are on it and you can even watch live sports from across the world. The term android TV box doesn’t do it justice as it is really a media centre. I asked him how much do they usually cost and they start from approx. €100. Not bad as that is only 2 months worth of TV bills and then I won’t have to pay any more bills!

I am not sure of the difference between the android TV boxes on the market but from what I can see they are all very similar and run on the same operating system. I think the big difference is RAM speed and also storage although I don’t think you need to store anything as everything is streamed.

Picked up a selfie stick!

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I done something I am not particularly proud of yesterday evening on my day off. I said I would never do it and I even made a point of giving my friends some grief about it but I finally went out a purchased a selfie stick yesterday! I was bored and browsing on my computer and I came across a website called http://www.shopselfiestick.co.uk/ who had an offer on a bluetooth selfie stick for only twenty pound so I said I might as well get one for the laugh.

selfie stick Well it came this morning and I have went on a bit of a selfie spree and I have to admit that it is great fun. I can’t wait to bring it hiking next weekend and see what sort of pictures I am able to take. I am also going traveling this summer across the United States so it will be a great tool to have with me as I will be doing most of the traveling on my own and it will mean I don’t have to keep asking strangers to take pictures of me and random stuff. If you are from Ireland then checkout their Irish store at http://www.selfiestickstore.ie/.

If anyone has any cool tricks or ideas on getting some cool pictures or videos with their selfie stick please send me an email. I have not taken it out in public yet and I am sure I will be a bit self conscious with it but I know it will be worth it as I have already seen what great pictures it takes! Anyway I will upload some of the pictures I am taking at the weekend and keep you guys posted.